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Call a Thon

Call a Thon

Salaam Alaikum,

A first ever “Call a Thon” was held on Wednesday May 6 at the Al Mahdi Islamic Centre where a
team of 30 volunteers reached out to the community personally inviting them to our Historical Land
event on June 6th at 2pm.
DSC_0874The calls were met with enthusiasm and a sense of anticipation by the community and were a
testament to the fact that the local Al Mahdi community and the wider GTA community are ready towitness the arrival of the new Al Mahdi IslamicDSC_8727
Community Centre. Over 2,000 calls were made and just over 600 attendees graciously confirmed attending the land event on June 6th — the Call a Thon was deemed a success.

The passion and excitement shown that night either by those who were making the calls or those who were receiving them is the foundation of our momentum as we inch closer to the making our dream into a reality.
We would like to thank the community for their constant support and devotion towards the success of this project. May Allah (swt) keep us firm on this Path of Guidance and Piety.

Was Salaam
Al Mahdi Islamic Community Center

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