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One Million Dollars – Milestone Achievement

One Million Dollars – Milestone Achievement

From the moment the Al Mahdi community embarked to construct a new Community Centre, we knew this journey would be long. A journey with several milestones to achieve along the way.

With each milestone reached, our determination has grown exponentially. As we embark closer to our destination with the crossing of each hurdle on our path, the dream of the Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre becomes even more real. Recently, under the guidance and inspiration of the Imam of our time (ATF), and the constant Grace of Allah (SWT), we achieved the One Million Dollars ‘cash in bank’ milestone. It is an achievement worth acknowledging and celebrating. Each dollar that is pledged and collected is a reflection of the commitment and eagerness that the community continues to display towards this initiative.

We are blessed and grateful to each and every one of who have financially supported this mission. It is your hard work and sacrifices that will make this initiative succeed. Each step up the ladder of progress that this community has taken over the past few decades could not have been possible without the patience and support of its members – this next rung on the ladder of spiritual development and communal perfection is no different.

musalla-wallDuring these trying times that our Ummah at large is facing, there is a need to reinforce our Islamic identity to ourselves and our children at large. To avoid detachment and disheartenment in our next generation, the need for a new Community Centre and a new vision is felt more so now than ever before. We ask that you continue to support us in this initiative and endeavour to build a place that our next generations can call home. We need an additional $2 million dollars which will allow us to break ground, our next critical milestone.

You are requested to continue donating towards this cause by sponsoring various elements within the project or by providing a general donation. We are also currently accepting donations of $1,500 for a Musalla sponsorship, which you can also dedicate to a Marhoom.

To make a pledge, please use our online form:

Please contact Br. Abbas Rizvi at 1-800-YAMAHDI (926-2434) if you would like to set-up a monthly installment plan for your donation. We continue to pray to Allah (swt) through the Wilayat of Imam Zamana (atf) to support our cause and allow us to create a spiritual platform from which His Deen will be served.

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