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Building Project Update – April 2014

Building Project Update – April 2014

As 2014 rolls along, our mission cotinues to gain momentum. With help of the community and the constant guidance of the Imam of our time (atf), our dream of the Al-Mahdi Islamic Community Centre is slowly becoming a reality.

On March 14th, during the commemoration of Hazrat Fatima (sa) an information session was held updating the community of the status of the project. Updates from various teams including the Al Mahdi Centre Executive Committee, the Project Technical Committee Team, and the Finance Committee and the Fundraising Committee Team were provided. each team spoke briefly and concisely, highlighting the key points and areas of interest for the community.

During the information session, a fundraising initiative called “The Musalla Campaign” was re-introduced to the community. For a reasonable investment of $1,500 you can reserve a musalla in your name or the name of your marhoom. This initiative is a golden opportunity for anyone who wishes to invest in a symbolic place of worship in the masjid of the new centre – a noble act which will serve to be a constant source of reward in thee Kingdom of Allah (swt).

To take advantage of this opportunity, please visit the CIG website.

We congratulate and are thankful to those who have invested in their Musalla and we ask them to join our team and become an Ambassador of this campaign by spreading the word and enlightening others to do as they did and reserve their Musalla as well. Only when we work together as a community will we accomplish our goals. Insha’Allah!

Looking ahead, future information sessions wil be held during various programs in the upcoming months with an event slted in May, a community BBQ during Shahru Ramadhan and a major fundraiser scheduled for September of this year. We continue to march forward and we ill not slow down until we can call the Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre our new home.

On behalf of both the Executive and fund raising committee we are grateful to the community for their ongoing support and enthusiasm. it is with this passion and vigor that we can reach our destination.

We continue to pray to Allah (swt) through the Wilayat of Imam Zamana (atf) to support our cause and allow us to create a spiritual platform from which His Deen will be served.

Iltemase dua,


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