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Al Mahdi Initiative

Al Mahdi Initiative

The Al Mahdi Initiative had a historical event on Saturday September 21st, which outlaid the project mission for the future development plans of the envisioned Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre.

DSC_8612With a sold out event, the Al Mahdi Initiative embodied the true spirit of celebration and unity. The enthusiasm and support demonstrated by the attendees was beyond expectations. Community members from all over the GTA were in attendance to support this noble cause as we embark on the initiative to move into the construction phase of the Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre at 3270 Markham Rd. near Steeles in Scarborough.

Attendees enjoyed spiritual messages by the distinguished speakers that included Maulana Sayed Muhammad Rizvi, Maulana Syed Zaki Baqri and Sayed Ammar Nakshawani. Each speaker acknowledged the need for the development of the new Al Mahdi Center, but also, uniquely crafted and relayed their message in the theme of the night, the coming of our saviour Imam Mahdi(atfj). A poignant statement DSC_0761amongst his many colorful words of wisdom, Maulana Sayed Muhammad Rizvi eloquently spoke about the concept of migration and establishing the religion here, which is now our home‟. The guest speaker, Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, clearly highlighted the need to strive for the pleasure of the Imam (atf) using a discussion on the significance of the number 313 as his base. The Masters of Ceremony, Maulana Syed Asad Jafri, carried the night, with his well spirited remarks, eloquent anec-dotes and in particular, with his meaningful message on the need to recognize the “path of progression as individuals, families and as a community, and that all paths must lead to a form of submission.” In closing the night, Maulana Syed Zaki Baqri stated the need to place all the affairs of this initiative in the Hands of Allah (swt). Further, Maulana Baqri and Maulana Asad Jafri conducted an energized night of rallying dona-tions from the floor and via telephone leading to a historic night of support far exceeding expectations.

Other dynamic video presenta-tions,an elaborate and specially written manqabat recited by a group of our youths DSC_8710cap-tured the crowd, a first time rare glimpse of a collaborative recitation. When the time came to pledge their support for this noble cause, Mashallah, all members of the community stepped up and com-mitted towards the first phase of the Al-Mahdi Community Centre. Mashallah, the night created the financial support, but it was evident that the oversold event bolstered the confidence and need of this initiative. Clearly, the GTA commu-nity is unequivocally behind the project and will provide ongoing support through to completion.

Those members of the community who were not able to attend the gala dinner can also participate and support in this worthy cause by contacting us at 1.855.YAMAHDI (926-2434).

The Al Mahdi Islamic Community Center wishes to extend a genuine heartfelt thank you to all attendees, supporters, and the many sponsors of this project.

May the Almighty reward you justly.

Iltemase dua,


Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre
1.855.YAMAHDI (926-2434)

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